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Past Projects

The following is a partial list of Chas F. Bruckner Plumbing projects related to universities and schools, as well as retail establishments.

More Projects

Universities & Schools

Ames Upper Grade School
Contractor: Walsh Construction
Architect: A. Epstein & Sons International

University of Illinois-Chicago ForumArmstrong School
Owner/Contractor: Chicago Board of Education/ Walsh Construction
Architect: DeStefano Partners, Inc.

Brentwood Elementary School
Contractor: Schal Bovis, Inc.
Architect: Legat Architects, Inc.

Central Middle School
Owner/Contractor: Community Consolidated School District 146 Concept Development
Architect: Architectural Resources

Columbus School
Contractor: Sverdrup Facilities, Inc.
Architect: FGM Architects

DePaul UniversityDePaul University
Residential Village
Munroe Hall

Contractor: W.E. O'Neil Construction
Architect: Loahn & Associates/ Antunovich Assoc.

DePaul College of Law
Owner: DePaul University
Architect: VOA Associates

Depriest School
Contractor: Walsh Construction
Architect: Roula Associates

Dominican University
Contractor: Pepper Construction
Architect: Wight & Co/ Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz & Assoc.

Elmhurst College-West HallElmhurst College
Contractor: Project Control
Architect: Perkins-Will/ WMA Engineers

Grove Jr. High School
Contractor: Schal Bovis, Inc.
Architect: Legat Architects, Inc.

Helge Haugan School
Contractor: FH Paschen/ SN Nielson Roland Schneider
Architect: OWP & P Architects

Julian Middle School
Contractor: Turner Construction Co.
Architect: OWP & P Architects

Linne School
Dwight DormitoryOwner/Contractor: Chicago Board of Education
Architect: O'Donnell, Wicklund, Pigozzi & Peterson

Latin Schools
Contractor: W.E. O'Neil Construction
Architect: Nagle, Hartray Architects

Marquardt School
Contractor: IHC Construction
Architect: Legat Architects

Marsh Elementary School
Contractor: George Sollitt Construction
Architect: Architrave

Naperville High School
Owner: Naperville School District
Architect: Richard L. Johnson

Neil F. Simeon Career Academy
Contractor: FH Paschen/ SN Nielson Roland Schneider
Architect: HOH Engineers

Northeastern Illinois University: Fine Arts Building
Contractor: George Sollitt Construction
Architect: VOA Architects

St. Ignatius College Prep Prairie State College
Contractor: Chicago Heights Construction
Architect: Legat Architects

Saint Ignatius College Prep. School
Contractor: Walsh Construction
Architect: Solomon, Cordwell, Beunz & Assoc.

Saint Isaac Jogues: School Addition
Owner: Joliet Archdioceses
Architect/Contractor: George Sollitt Construction

Seward Hedges Elementary School
Owner: Chicago Board of Education
Architect: Ross, Barney & Jankowski

Spertus Institute for Jewish StudiesSouth Middle School
Contractor: Turner Construction
Architect: Green Associates

Spertus Insititue for Jewish Studies
Contractor: W.E. O'Neil Construction
Architect: Kreuk Sexton Architects

Stagg High School
Contractor: Jacobs Facilities
Architect: VOA Architects

University of Chicago
Ratner Athletic Center
Bartlett Hall
Contractor: Walsh Construction/Pepper Construction
Architect: OWP&P Architects/ Bruner, Cott & Assoc.

University of Illinois-Chicago
South Campus
South Campus Parking Structure
South Campus Mixed Use

East Campus Recreation Center
Contractors: Scale Construction/ Power Construction/McHugh Construction
Architects: WTW/HPZS/ Vasilko Hauserman/ Jacob Facilities/ Phillips, Swager Assoc.

Ratner Athletic Center at The University of ChicagoUniversity of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health
Contractor: Joseph Construction
Architect: Teng & Associates

Tarkington School
Contractor: George Sollitt Construction
Architect: OWP & PArchitects

West Chicago High School

Owner/Contractor: West Chicago HS District 94/ Turner Construction
Architect: Dahlquist & Lutzow, Inc.

Wheaton College
Contractor: W.E. O'Neil Construction
Architect: RDG Bussard Dikis Architects

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American Girl Place
Contractor: Pleasant Rowland Inc./ W.E. O'Neil
Architect: Donovan Green Architects

Bloomingdale's Home StoreBloomingdale's Home Store
Contractor: W.E O'Neil Construction
Architect: Daniel Coffey & Associates

Bally Total Fitness
Contractor: Tishman Construction of Illinois
Architect: Paul B. Berger & Associates

Brickyard Mall
Contractor: Pepper Construction
Architect: O' Brien & Associates

Fairfield Inn
Owner: Marriott Co.
Architect: Cemco, Ltd.

Federal Express (New Sort Facility)
Contractor: Walsh Construction
Architect: Harris Architects, Inc.

Fifth Third BankFifth Third Bank (2785 N. Clybourn)
Contractor: Power Construction
Architect:Camburad & Theodore LTD.

Home Depot (Elston Ave.)
Contractor: Walsh Construction
Architect: Greenberg Farrow

Hyde Park Shopping Center
Contractor: Two in One Contractors, Inc.
Architect: Kiglin & Wilson Architects

Metra Market
Contractor: W. E. O'Neil
Architect: OWP/P

Nordstrom on Michigan AvenueMidland Hotel Renovations
Contractor: W.E. O'Neil Construction
Architect: RTKL Design, Inc.

Nordstrom (Michigan Ave.)
Contractor: W. E. O'Neil
Architect: Callison Architects, Inc.

Northern Trust Bank
Contractor: Alter Construction Co.
Architect: Eckenhoff Saunders Architects

Old Orchard Mall
Mall Expansion
Parking Structure

Contractor: W.E. O'Neil Construction
Architect: Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl/ Walker Associates

Southgate Market
Contractor: Pepper Construction
Architect: Eckenhoof Saunders Architects

Super Target (25th & Cermack)
Target storesTarget (T-0846)
Target (T-1488)

Target (T-1385; Wheeling, IL)
Target Expansion (T-924A)

Target (Near North Shore)
Contractor: Walsh Construction
Architect: Target Corp.

Terrace Paper, Inc. Addition
Contractor: R & N Construction
Architect: Eggersdorfer Architects

Tootsie Roll Industries: Addition
Contractor: Vacala Construction
Architect: KLLM Architects, Inc.

Chas F. Bruckner & Son, Inc. 2535 S. 25th Avenue Broadview, IL 60558